Refresher Courses

At Professional Training Solutions, we offer a range of refresher courses.

Working At Heights Refresher

Falls are a major hazard in the workplace, especially for those working in the mining and construction sectors. Working at heights can be completed effectively and safely with the right training — and a working at heights refresher course can provide the relevant updates needed for fall prevention.

Working at Heights Refresher Course

Confined Space Refresher

If your role requires you to work in a space with limited openings for entry and exit, or the space is not intended for continuous human occupancy, then you should complete a confined space refresher. The course is relevant for anyone working within civil construction, metalliferous and coal mining/drilling and any extractive industries.

Confined Space Refresher Course

First Aid Refresher

First aid knowledge is extremely important — but especially for those working within the mining and construction sectors. Being in close contact with heavy and high risk machinery, as well as the nature of the roles in these hands-on industries means that a first aid refresher course could help to save a life during an emergency situation.

First Aid Refresher Course

CPR Refresher

CPR knowledge and training should be part of your tool belt whether you work on site, or in the office. The more people skilled in administering CPR, the more lives can be saved.

CPR Refresher Course

Low Voltage Rescue

If you are working in or around energised electrical equipment, then you should have completed a Low Voltage Rescue otherwise referred to as LVR/ CPR ticket either as a full course if you have never completed the course before or a refresher if you have completed the course before.

LVR Course

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