High Risk Machinery Licences

Full course, Log book or previous experience course options are available for high risk machinery licencing.

High Risk Work Licences

Remember what it felt like when you got your car licence…. Well that is the feeling we get to share with our high risk trainees when they complete their high risk licence training, almost every day.

Because of the high risk nature of the training, Professional Training Solutions only provides experienced WHS Queensland approved trainers/ assessors which ensure each student fully understands the course material and they are trained to the highest standards and able to perform high risk work confidently and safely.

Full course or log book and assessment options are available for high risk machinery licensing such as Forklift, Order Picker, Scaffolding, EWP, Dogging, Rigging and Cranes – Including Bridge and Gantry, Remote and Cabin operated, Slewing cranes up to 100 tonne and open, Non slew crane and Vehicle loading crane.

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