Do you need to update your OHS licence for forklift or EWP?

If you still hold the old Blue or Yellow OHS card for your forklift or EWP it has EXPIRED.

All high risk work holders since 30th June 2015 are now required to have the white and black card with your current photo on it.


If you need to upgrade…. We can help.

Step 1

  • Enroll and complete formal high risk training with us (approx. ½ a day).
  • Supply us with a copy of your old yellow and blue licence as proof of previous experience to cancel out the need for 40 hours of logged operation.
  • Book in with us to do your WHS high risk theory and practical assessment. Minimum wait time is approx. 3 business days depending on course availability.

Step 2

  • Prepare and complete your high risk theory and practical assessment (approx. ½ day).
  • Apply online for your new high risk licence.

The new white and black photo licence has a 5 year expiry date from the date of issue and once expired you have 12 months to renew it before having to complete the whole licence course process from scratch again.

Ensure you keep your address details up to date with Workplace Health and Safety so that they can send out your renewal paperwork.

If you still have the old blue and yellow card OHS licence, why not contact the friendly and qualified team at Professional training solutions who can help you upgrade your ticket.
If you require further information on WHS licences and the renewal process go to