The Cut materials with a hand held chainsaw course covers how to carry out prepare and cut materials with a hand-held chainsaw. This course includes basic operator maintenance checks and is more comprehensive in the servicing and maintenance procedures than what is covered in FWPCOT2237 Maintain chainsaws.

The course involves cutting materials with a hand-held chainsaw in a variety of work settings including a construction, saw mill, forest products factory, timber retail yard or horticultural environment. The skills and knowledge required for competent performance are to be used within the scope of the person’s job and authority.

Basic verbal and written English communication skills sufficient to read material and understand instruction. Where necessary theory assessment can be answered verbally.

Typically the training and assessment is competency-based and is a ½ day course.
Please Note-Total time is dependent on competency of each individual.

Training and assessment is both practical and theory based and delivery.

FULL COURSE TRAINING– Practical and theory training based on theory concepts and set tasks that need to be completed. The learner is then given a theory and a practical assessment.
Designed for all types of learners giving them access to the equipment and skills required to be competent.
Step 1-Completion of theory training and equipment familiarization
Step 2– Learner completes practical training in a structured learning environment in a small group.
Step 3– Learner completes a final theory and practical based assessment and is issued a Statement of attainment and a proof of training card.


1. Prepare for operation

1.1 Review work order and clarify with appropriate personnel.
1.2 Select equipment appropriate to work requirements and check for operational effectiveness.
1.3 Prepare, check and clear work area, ready for hand-held chainsaw operations.
1.4 Carry out pre-start checks on chainsaw in line with site requirements.
1.5 Establish and maintain communication with others in work area to ensure safety.

2. Cut material

2.1 Visually assess materials to be cut for defects that may present unsafe work conditions, and review cutting plan.
2.2 Place cutting supports to ensure a stable base.
2.3 Cut material within site standard tolerances for length and angle relative to centre line.
2.4 Use cutting techniques to industry standard lengths, maximising volume and quality of recovery material.
2.5 Operate chainsaw effectively, in line with manufacturer's recommendations.
2.6 Clear and dispose of debris in line with site procedures and environmental requirements.
2.7 Complete production and quality reports.
2.8 Identify processing problems and equipment faults and report to appropriate personnel.

3. Conduct chainsaw maintenance

3.1 Clean, maintain and store chainsaw in line with manufacturer's recommendations and site procedures.
3.2 Identify blunt or damaged saws and replace or sharpen, in line with site procedures and manufacturer's recommendations.
3.3 Record and report maintenance activities to appropriate personnel.

  • maintain and service a chainsaw
  • service the power heads and cutting attachments
  • operate a hand held chain saw
  • prepare materials to cut