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NOTE: Current Course Code: RIIMPO320F-Civil, RIIMPO301E-Mining supersedes and replaces previous course codes of RIIMPO320E-Civil, RIIMPO320D-Civil, RIIMPO301D-Mining, RIIMPO301C-Mining

Course Outline

We offer two nationally recognised Excavator courses.

The Excavator courses are designed to teach you how to prepare and operate an excavator to meet minimum training and assessment standards for the civil construction and mining industries.

Entry Requirements

  • Basic verbal and written English communication skills sufficient to read material and understand instruction.
  • A Unique Student Identifier number (USI)- if you don’t have one go to- usi.gov.au
  • Provide photo identification.
  • Wear closed in shoes.
  • Sun protection is also recommended (hat, long-sleeved shirt and pants).
  • Pass a language, literacy, and numeracy assessment (LLN) if applicable..

Course Details

How long will the training take (Duration)

Typically the training and assessment are competency-based. Depending on experience, competence, and ability the full course can be completed in a few full days.

Please Note-Total time is dependent on the competency, ability, and experience of each individual.

How is the Training Delivered ( Delivery Modes)

Training and assessment are both practical and theory-based, and delivery can be selected by the learner as either logbook, previous experience course, or full course depending on their experience, ability, competence, and access to a machine.

We can also complete a Verification of competency if you already hold a current SOA or we can use things like your site authorisations towards your previous experience.

LOGBOOK TRAINING – Designed for those learners whom wish to complete the majority of the practical training on the job or at their current employment with a competent and qualified supervisor.

Step 1 – Completion of theory and practical training/assessment as well as machine familiarization where appropriate. The learner is then placed on a training plan with their workplace supervisor.
Step 2 – Learner completes supervised operation by a competent and qualified operator.
Step 3 – Learner completes a practical-based assessment (where applicable) and is issued Nationally recognised Statement of Attainment (SOA).

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE TRAINING – Suited for those learners who have previous experience operating the machinery item and where applicable can supply some evidence of this. Learners may or may not have access to their own machinery. Contact us to discuss what evidence you can provide.

Step 1 – Completion of theory training. Where applicable the Learner’s previous experience evidence is collected.
Step 2 – Learner completes machine familiarization, and a practical challenge test is conducted.
Step 3 – Learner completes training requirements and is issued Nationally recognised Statement of Attainment (SOA).

FULL COURSE TRAINING – Designed for learners who don’t have access to the equipment, a competent supervisor, or require the delivery of practical in a very focused one-on-one or small group environment.

Step 1 – Completion of theory and practical training/assessment through a supervised operation where learners practice skills and operation process as instructed by the trainer in a structured learning environment either one on one or in a small group. Depending on competence and ability this part of the course can take from 1- 3 days.
Step 2 – Learner completes the supervised operation and is issued Nationally recognised Statement of Attainment (SOA).

What will you learn? (Overview)

The Excavator Civil courses will cover the below topics:

  • Plan and prepare for excavator for operations
  • Operate Excavator
  • Lift, Cary and place materials
  • Select, remove and fit attachments
  • Prepare to relocate the excavator
  • Carry out machine operator maintenance
  • Conduct housekeeping activities

The Excavator Mining course will cover the below topics:

  • Plan and prepare for hydraulic excavator operations
  • Operate hydraulic excavator in line with established requirements to complete work activity
  • Conduct housekeeping activities

For more specific course information please contact us or go to https://training.gov.au

Course Outcome

To complete the course, students must successfully complete all assessments which are aligned with the national unit of competency.

Upon successful completion of the course requirements, students will receive a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment (SOA).

Your Statement of Attainment does not have an expiry date, however, most sites will want your SOA dated within a 2 year period so some employers may require you to be VOC’d or refresh your competency to retain your currency.


How long will training take?

Typically the training and assessment is competency-based and is a 1-day course. Please Note-Total time is dependent on the competency of each individual.

How is the training delivered?

Training and assessment are both practical and theory-based delivery.

How long does your confined space ticket/SOA last for?

The industry generally recommends that your Confines Space ticket or SOA is refreshed every 2 years to remain current.

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