Professional Training Solutions provides a range of industry specific courses and training to meet varying needs for the local Townsville area and surrounds. Whether it is the needs of an individual to improve their qualifications and skill set for employment or companies ensuring the professionalism, safety and productivity of their staff.

Our training and courses are designed and delivered, tailored for learners that are new entrants to industry or for those that have previous experience in industry and require a ticket, licensing, certification, a VOC (Verification of Competency) or refresher training due to industry regulations, further employment or work place health and safety requirements.

Courses and training cover all aspects of workplace health and safety requirements such as:

  • Pre start and shut down procedures
  • Codes of practice
  • Hazard identification
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Legislation

Daytime, night time, weekdays or weekend courses and training is available for individuals, small or larger groups depending on your requirements. We also offer many different comprehensive forms of training:

Full course training – which includes formal training of theory and practical aspects, including the hands of practical application and supervision of your required logbook hours (if applicable) over a number of days/night, to prepare you for your theory and practical assessment to be completed.

Logbook training – includes formal training of theory and practical aspects which are taken away and put into practice in your own environment under the supervision of a licenced operator. Upon the completion of a log book with a nominated amount of supervised operation hours your theory and practical assessment is completed.

Short Course training – includes theory and practical training and assessment but not a log book of supervised operation time.

RPL of Site Authorisations– bring us your site authorisations and we will work with you to turn them into RII civil and mine recognised qualifications and tickets that you can use for further employment.

Verification of Competency– Want us to come to your workplace and use our expertise and knowledge as a third party to verify the competence of your workers and their qualifications on certain pieces of machinery or equipment… then give the office a call to let us help you organise this to benefit you and your company.

All training is nationally recognised with students receiving a statement of attainment and all the relevant paperwork required to obtain the industry licence or ticket upon the successful completion of their course.

Contact us for more information on our courses or fill out the course enquiry form to the left and we’ll get back to you.


Approved training for machinery and equipment, thought as high risk that requires a licence from WHS to operate.

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Courses and training for machinery that is not considered high risk for the civil and mining industry areas.

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Short courses for the construction and mining industries that are nationally recognised or accredited.

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Courses which train you to get you ready, refresh your prior knowledge or support you in the mining industry.

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