Confined Space Refresher FAQs

If your role requires you to work in a space with limited openings for entry and exit, or the space is not intended for continuous human occupancy, then you should complete a confined space refresher. The course is relevant for anyone working within civil construction, metalliferous and coal mining/drilling and any extractive industries.

Is a confined space refresher course relevant to me?

Working in confined spaces comes with an array of risks, especially for those working in the mining and construction industries. A confined space refresher course can reduce the risk of injury in the workplace and provide you with the relevant refreshed knowledge of entering and exiting confined spaces with ease. 

Across Queensland, many new mining and construction projects are being signed off at a rapid rate, and the need for skilled personnel with best practice working in confined spaces continues to increase.

How frequently should I complete a confined space refresher course?

A confined space refresher should be completed every two years to ensure your knowledge remains up to date. In Australia, OHS and WHS laws are updated frequently based on the changing needs and situations of different industries, so by completing a confined space refresher course, you can ensure you remain compliant to any confined space working changes. 

We recommend this course be completed alongside a CPR refresher course and a first aid refresher course for maximum effect — as it’s extremely important to have someone skilled in these three areas on any work site in case of accident or injury.

What’s covered in a confined space refresher course?

During a working in a confined space refresher course, we’ll cover how to:

  • Plan and prepare for entry and working in confined spaces
  • Safely and effectively operate in confined spaces
  • Competently use and operate equipment and PPE in confined spaces
  • Carry out pre and post use inspections of PPE
  • Exiting confined spaces and cleaning up
  • Apply a working knowledge of OH&S and regulatory requirements


Not yet completed a Working in Confined Space course? Please see our Enter and Work in Confined Space course here

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