About Us

Professional Training Solutions provides a range of industry specific courses and training to meet the varying needs for the mining and construction industries in Townsville and Queensland.

Our Aim

This page is all about us at Professional Training Solutions. We aim to be recognised across the mining and construction industries of Townsville and the Queensland region as a provider of efficient, reliable, flexible and professional training for all personal or company training requirements for vocational education and training.

The Big Picture

Professional Training Solutions is a Registered Training Organisation 46134

We offer access to an experienced team delivering capabilities-focused training across a full range of training courses for the mining and construction industries. From forklift and EWP licences to Yellow cards, Mine inductions and machinery tickets. Our mantra is simple we partner with the best so that we can focus on working with you to achieve. Which just quietly, is the best part of what we do.

Professional Training Solutions brings friendly hands-on experience and innovative training skills to the learning process, positioning us as a one-stop, needs-based training solution provider. Through our network of associates throughout Townsville and the East coast we are able to deliver training to almost any location across Queensland.

Why Choose us?

We offer nationally recognised training and assessment across many qualifications, and have fully qualified trainers and assessors who not only hold the necessary qualifications but have had extensive experience in the field over a wide range of competency areas.

When you are comparing Professional Training Solutions with other training providers to complete your tickets, licences, qualifications or gain some skills use the following to list below to see if you are getting good, professional, efficient and industry supported value for your dollar training.

  • Do they have fully qualified trainers and assessors?
  • Do their Trainers and Assessors have a wide range of experience in the qualification they are offering?
  • Do they display their Registered Training Organisation (RTO) number or details freely or are they claiming to be something they are not?
  • Do they offer nationally recognised qualifications?
  • Do they comply with all Work Place Health and Safety processes from enrolment to receipt of certificate of ticket?
  • How many will be in your class? Will it be over crowded where you won’t get the skills and knowledge you need? Sure you will meet people but how many Facebook friends can you have?
  • Do they offer a flexible training schedule or do you have to fit into their classes and wait to suit a schedule?
  • Do they have any marks against their name on Training.gov?
  • When you ring for information do they just want to get you booked into their course or do they have plenty of information on hand to help you decide?
  • Will they be there in a year or so, when you misplace your Statement of Attainment and need another copy for that great job you have got lined up? Or will they have made their cash and moved on?
  • What type of environment will you be in to complete your training and assessment? After all we are all about industry but who doesn’t like a few creature comforts like air-conditioning, a nice training room, industry standard machinery and the right equipment.

Some of Our Partners

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